Friday, August 26, 2011

Sirensong By: Jenna Black

Dana is invited by Queen Titania to be presented at Court. She thinks that there is no way she is going to go to Faery, seeing as how everyone wants her dead. But her dad surprises her by saying that she has to go.

Dana, her dad, Finn (bodyguard), Keane (Finn's son and Dana's self defense teacher), Ethan (boyfriend) and Kimber (best friend and Ethan's sister) all head out with Prince Henry, Titania's son. Along the way Dana sees just how different Faery is and how things work. Of course they are also ambushed and she is in danger ... until the Erlking comes to the rescue. Things settle down and they make it to the castle and just when you think it will be an easy vacation....

Well I don't want to give it all away...

I love this series, I love all things Fae. But I really like how the author incorporates Avalon in the story and it has become a comfortable little world for the reader. The characters are a lot of fun, with Keane and Ethan hating each other and constantly fighting. I also really like Dana and Kimber. Kimber is the perfect first friend for Dana because she is always forgiving and trying to boost Dana's mood and spirits. One of my favorite characters is the Erlking . I don't know why but I really like this deceiving faery. He and Dana have a different relationship then with any other faery and the Erlking . She isn't completely terrified of him and actually challenges him sometimes he acts as though it is refreshing instead of just annoying. One person I didn't like to hear about is the mom. I know, not nice, but she was more into her alcohol then her daughter for most of the series. I understand that there are a lot of people like that and that is part of the reason Dana was as strong as she is. I just felt sorry for Dana every time the mom involved in the story. I do like that Dana had the strength to be the adult in the relationship even though she was so young, definitely a strong character to look up to.

Overall great book, and great series!
Read on August 17, 2011


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