Monday, August 29, 2011

Match Me If You Can By: Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Annabelle has just taken over the matchmaking service that her grandmother left for her.  She figures that she needs one great client to set her business up for success.  She sets up a ten minute appointment with her best friends-husbands-sports agent, Heath Champion.  Of course the morning of her appointment, she is running late, spills on her new suit and the receptionist doesn't want to let her in to see Heath.  She bully's her way in and after a trial set up she has her new client, Chicago's hottest bachelor.  Through their many matches she sets up they get to know each other and become friends.
Heath finds out that she is in good with some of Chicago's influential sports people and uses her friendship to try and get in good with them.   He goes with her to a toddler's birthday party that leads to a weekend retreat to a lake where "things" happen.
I actually loved this book.  The relationship between Heath and Annabelle is great.  They actually know each other inside and out and they way they banter is adorable.  The women in this story are successful in their own ways and stand by each other.  The men are all about their sports careers but still love their wives.  There is heart, humor and romance.


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