Thursday, August 11, 2011

Agent in Old Lace By: Tristi Pinkston

Shannon has the perfect life... she has a great family, a great job and the perfect boyfriend. Or so she thought...
On a date she finds out the Mark is not the man she thought he was, he has been stealing money from her father and making millions from it. When she learns his secret things go from bad to worse as he tries to kill her.
The FBI decides to give her 24 protection but when the agent is hurt and can't work their top field agent, Rick Holden, is given the job to protect Shannon, while disguised as her visiting aunt.
It seems life is getting back to normal and there is no word from Mark until her best friend is kidnapped. The only way to lure Mark out is for Rick to leave Shannon alone...
I actually really liked this book. Shannon is a strong female character and I couldn't imagion going through some of the trials she had in just the first few chapters. Rick is completly lovable and he instantly became the star of the book for me. His determination to protect Shannon by dressing up as her aunt, learning how to put on make-up and having quick changes from being a man to playing a woman was just great to read. I also liked the "FBI guys next door". You don't get to learn alot about them but they had some great one-liners.
This is a story with minor LDS undertones but I like that it doesn't completely monopolize the story.

Read on June 12, 2011


  1. Well, hi there!! I was actually stopping by to follow you because Deanna said so, and imagine my surprise to see this review! Thanks so much!!

  2. @Tristi Pinkston
    I am so glad you stopped by! I just picked up another of your books from my mom and I can't wait to read it. :-)