Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blood By: K.J. Wignall

This story is told from Will's point of view.  Will is a vampire, he prefers undead, he was turned in the year 1256 and lives off and on in a crypt under the church where he was buried.  When he wakes from his latest 20 year slumber everything changes.  He meets people that know more about him than they should and he is guided along by the journal of a dead man and 7 spirits.  Along the way he meets Eloise and knows that she is a part of his destiny. She isn't terrified of him when she is told that he is a vampire and actually is okay with staying in his crypt. Together they work to find the person that bit Will and try to connect him with names that keep appearing in the journal and ancient texts.
It was hard for me to get into the book at first because it jumps around from present time to memories in his past (although it is easy to tell the past from present because the past is in italics). Once he and Eloise are working together the story got pretty good. 
The characters were a little to easy going for my taste.  No one really freaked out or had a hard time with the situations they were in.  At one point in what I would consider a near death experience, a character just enthusiastically hollered and compared the rush to bungee jumping.  Personally I would have cried like a baby, succumbed to hiccups, fainted or worse.There is romance in terms of an attraction but don't expect more then likes....
This is book one of a series so the story doesn't end with this book and it is a pretty good introduction to the other books.  I think I will be waiting for the rest of the books are released to see how this story ends.

Read on August 19, 2011
Release Date September 5, 2011


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