Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nightshade By: Andrea Cremer

Calla is the Alpha female for her pack and she has always known that she will be mated with Ren, Alpha male of his pack.  She is ok with this and life moves on.... until she runs into a human named Shay while on her patrols.  Something connects these two in a way she has never felt before.  Together they stubble on secrets that will unravel the life she always thought she new.
There is a love triangle and at the moment I like both boys.  Ren was a little overbearing and a little high-and-mighty but at the same time he honestly loves Calla.  I really like him but I don't know if I think he is right for her or if I just like an alpha personality.  Shay is the new kid in town... he doesn't know exactly how things work so he just lives life and slowly changes things around him to fit his personality.  He doesn't come across as strong or protective in this book, though he is smart.
Overall I like the story and I can't wait for the next book because this has a cliffhanger ending!!

Read on November 1, 2010

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  1. I loved the quote from Magnus!