Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Queen's Lady By: Eve Edwards

Lady Jane Revaulx's husband dies and she begins service as a Queen's Lady with Queen Elizabeth.  She is thrilled to hear that James Lacey is attending court.  She was in love with him despite being courted by his older brother before eventually marrying her previous husband. James is attending court in preparation for a surveying journey to the America's.  He meets Jane at a buffet with the Queen and at first is fortified to see her.  She dropped his brother when courting and married a man with a higher title.  Luckily for Jane she is able to convince him of the true story and they are able to become closer.

As James is leaving for America, Jane's world falls apart.  Her father and brother are forcing her into a marriage with a wealthy french man and her step-son's are trying to take back everything her late husband left for her to start her life over with.  Jane's friends come together to help her figure everything out... while James be able to get back in time?

I'm not going to tell..... :-)   

I didn't read the first book but Eve did a really good job at telling the back story so I wasn't lost.  I love the historical stories and this one actually ties in with names and events.  Jane's best friend has a spot doing the finishing work on dresses and I love the detail that the author did on the dresses.  The ending of this story was a little rushed in my opinion but it is ok since I have the happier ever after that I want.  I will look at the next book when it comes out in July 2012.

Read on August 30, 2011


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