Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Desire Unchained By Larissa Ione

Shade wakes up chained to the walls of a cell.  Across the room, chained to the other cell is a girl he dated last year, Runa.  Only now she isn't the human he once new, she is now a werewolf.  Shade and Runa are being held by the Ghouls (black market demon-parts brokers) and find out that Shade's brother Rogue is the one behind it all.  Rogue has the ability to get into peoples minds and he convinces them to bond to each other.  This is a lifetime bond which could be difficult enough if the two did love each other but to make matters worse, Shade is cursed to fade away into Shadow if he ever falls in love. 
Runa and Shade are able to break out of their prison and hide away in Costa Rica trying to figure everything out.  Shade has accidentally been turned into a werewolf and it is the full moon so both of them have to chain up for a few days. 

At first Runa and Shade dislike each other emotionally but physically is a different story.  But you know ... were the body goes the mind soon follows. 

We also get to see a lot more of Wraith, Jem and Kynan.  This story is not for young audience.  There is a lot of sex and detail.  The actual story line is pretty good.  I was sitting at the edge of my seat for some of the action/fight scenes and the more I learn of the ongoing characters the more I like them and want everyone to be safe and happy.

Read on August 21, 2011


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