Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Passion Unleashed By: Larissa Ione

Serena is a treasure hunter and archaeologist with a divine secret. She has been charmed by angles so that no physical charm can fall on her and no demons can know about that charm. Unfortunately that charm has been found out by a very powerful demon with his mind set on a VERY evil plan. Now demons can sense her and who she is.

Wraith is poisoned with a toxin that has no cure and the only way to save him, the hospital and his two brothers is to take Serena's charm so he wont die. The problem is Wraith meets Serena and actually likes her.

Ok, so I really like Wraith, he is the youngest of the three Seminus demons. He has lived such a hard and tortured life that I just want everything to go well for him. In his story he has to push past his rules of never being with a human and I love the struggle he has with liking Serena or saving his brothers. We get to hear a lot more about what life was like for him and we see the effects from his point of view, not just the brothers.

This book also continues the story of Jem and Kynan. Jem is Tayla's sister (book 1) and is also a half demon (soul shredder). Kynan is ex-military/ex-demon slayer/ex-ish-demon hospital doctor. His wife cheated on him with a demon and was selling parts in the black market, after that betrayal he didn't want to love again. Jem always loved Kynan and when he wanted nothing to do with her and her demon side she finally was ok with that. But of course the two of them are strongly attracted to each other. Right when you think they are going to get together the army comes in and takes Kynan to study him.... apparently he has some fallen angel blood. Seeing their story continue was so needed in this book because book 2 left us on a complete cliff hanger.

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