Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Darkest Night By Gena Showalter

Way back in the past, Maddox was created by the Gods of Greece to be one of their warriors.  He was mad that they chose Pandora to guard a box filled with demon spirits, he should have been given that right.  He and the other warriors decided to open the box to prove that Pandora wasn't strong enough and they are cursed to live with the spirits that they released on the earth.  Maddox was given violence to be his companion. 

One day the security camera's pick up a woman wondering around outside the fortress and that is when Maddox meets Ashlyn.  Ashlyn has always had the ability to hear every conversation that has ever taken place in a single spot.  Her entire life she has wanted to be normal, she has wanted to have peace and quiet.  While in Budapest on an assignment with her work, she finds paranormal beings to be studied by a research center, she hears of these men that might be able to help her control this power.  She is lost in the forest near there fortress in the snow and she is just about and give up to the cold when Maddox saves her.

Maddox is instantly drawn to her but he is weary, she may be a lure used by his enemies.  He finds that he wants to be with her more then he cares about death.  He questions her and doesn't think that she is guilty of anything be he suspects that there is more going on with the people she works with.  Ashlyn is also drawn to Maddox in a very sexual way, but also when she is with him all of the voices and conversations silence.  She has never had quiet before and now she never wants to leave him.... at least not until she can learn how to silence the voices herself.  Can they each find peace in each other? 

I had a hard time with this story at first.  I understand that this is the first book in a series so there are a lot of people to meet and a world to build, but it felt like it went on and on.  There was a lot of thought in this book, more then dialogue at some parts.  Maddox would say something to Ashlyn and then she would think about a ton of stuff before finally answering the question or responding to what he said and vice versa.  Once the story got going, almost at the end of the book, it was pretty good.  It did end a little too easy for my liking though. Again, like I said earlier, this is a first book and I am hoping that now since I know the characters and the setting the other books will move a little quicker.  PS, this is an ADULT ROMANCE. 

Read on August 28, 2011


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