Friday, September 30, 2011

Firelight By: Sophie Jordan

Jacinda is special.  She is the only fire breather in her pride.  Everyone has always expected great things from her and she is expected to be mated with Cassian, next in line to be the pride's alpha.  Her twin sister is not so lucky, she has never transformed and is shunned from the rest of the pride.   One day while Jacinda is flying with her best friend Az, they get targeted by hunters.  She is able to pull their attention away from her friend but she fears that she wont be so lucky. That is until one of the hunters lets her get away.  Her mother sneaks her and her sister out of the pride and wants them to live as humans so life can be simpler. 

At her new school she runs into the same handsome stranger that saved her and is completely drawn to him.  She is trying hard to stay away from Will and to adjust to her new life.  They are in the middle of the desert and there is nowhere for her to fly.  Her mother is encouraging her to not shift anymore to a dragon form and that her body will adjust but it feels like she is slowly dying. 

Of course being a YA novel, Jacinda is no longer able to stay way from Will and they start dating.  She gets an insider look at the Hunters and meets a few that are completely obsessed with killing her kind. 

I liked this book but there are things that really bugged me.  I really didn't like the relationship between Jacinda and her mother.... rather I didn't like her mother.  She kept telling Jacinda to Kill the dragon part of her and even though Jacinda was having a really Really hard time the mother didn't try to help or some up with a different solution, she seemed very one sided on the side of the daughter that couldn't shift forms.  I also had a hard time with the love interest, Will.  I am very much an "alpha" lover and I like Cassian.  So, I had to get over that issue to really enjoy the book.  Overall it is a good story and you don't see a lot of dragon books.

Read October 23, 2010

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  1. I love this series. And the second book is better than the first. Well, maybe not better, but I love the direction the story is building!