Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Picture Perfect By: Lanie Kincaid

Rae Madison is the other woman.
She didn’t mean to be. She’s been waiting for her big break – a show for her art photography – and paying the bills doing surveillance for a PI. The only problem is the last cheating husband that came across her desk is her boyfriend. Not only does he have a wife and kids, she isn’t even his only girlfriend!

Colby Williams is the right man.
He’s been biding his time, straightening out his own mess of a life. He can handle waiting while Rae’s heart heals . . . he’s already waited this long. But just as things are finally coming together for them, everything goes wrong – and right.

Rae has finally landed her art gallery showing, and just like Colby always knew she would be, she’s suddenly very popular. Will her dream take her away from the love they have found?

I got this book from Netgalley for review and I laughed when I read the first chapter.  Rae is currently working for a private investigator and her newest client wants to find out about her cheating husband.  Rae is devastated as she finds out that her current boyfriend is the cheating husband, she had NO idea!  And, it turns out that he has other girlfriends. With that relationship ended she finds comfort in hanging out with her friends watching crime dramas and movies every week.  One of those friends is Colby.  He is a down to earth lawyer that is infatuated with Rae but knows that he must wait to start anything with her because of her recent downfalls in the love department. 

I loved Colby!!  He is such a sweetheart and he tries so hard to be the perfect man for Rae.  This book is told from both Rae and Colby's points of view so it was nice to actually see his motive and reasoning for the things he did for Rae instead of just the actions.  It made me love him even more!  Rae has had a hard time lately and just wants something good to happen... It was fun to see Colby through her eyes and at the same time frustrating.  I knew both sides and it was hard to watch the back and forth (he-said-she-said) that takes place in romance fiction.

This was a cute story with a great happily ever after and quite a few laugh out loud moments.


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