Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vanish By: Sophie Jordan

Spoiler Alert.... This is a review for a second book in the series.  If you have not read the first book go and read it now!
Jacinda is on her way back to her pride with Cassian, me mother and sister.  Along the way they are stopped by hunters.  Unexpectedly her sister, Tamra, manifests into a dragon.  Not just any dragon, she is a shader.  They have the ability to throw out a mist that confuses humans and keeps them away.  They are also able to remove memories.  Perfect timing on manifesting because that is the distraction that they all needed to get back to their village.

Once at the village Jacinda's problems just start.  She was already in trouble for when she and Az got spotted by hunters in the first book. Instead of taking consequences she left the village without permission and tried to run away with her mother and sister, but she has also done the most forbidden thing a draki can do, she shifted into a dragon in front of humans.  And not just any humans, a bunch of hunters.  She also can't rely on her being the special fire-breather because now her sister is just as rare and special as she is. 

The other villagers wont speak to her, including her best friend, she has been demoted to being a fish-gutter for her job and the boy next door keeps hitting on her.  Luckily she has Cassian and Tamra because they are the only ones that will spend time with her. Her mother is also not doing well.  She has been drunk everyday and doesn't eat unless Jacinda forces it on her. 

Cassian and Jacinda have a instant physical attraction and she finds out that he actually likes her for being her.... not just because she is the pride's fire-breather.  Will shows up pretending to be a lost hiker and it sends her heart into flutters.  Now she must choose between a life with Will or her perfect life with Cassian. Plus Hunters attack while she is out in the open with Cassian's sister and they get taken!!!

So, I like this book, but again, my favorite partner match for Jacinda is Cassian but I don't know where the author is taking the love story.  I can't wait for the final book to be released next year to get the ending settled.  This story ended on a huge plot cliffhanger and there is a lot the finish up in this next book.

Read on September 24, 2011

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