Friday, October 7, 2011

Seeking Persephone By: Sarah M. Eden

Persephone is the oldest of her siblings and took over the mother role when her own mother died after the birth of the youngest daughter. Her family wasn't wealthy and soon they wouldn't have anything to help her brothers or dowry for her sisters to entertain marriage prospects. One day an invitation of marriage comes for her from a Duke. This letter simply states that he would like to marry her and to come right before the ceremony.

Persephone marries Adam and goes about her new life in this huge castle all by herself. Adam is known by many to be angry, rude and sometimes violent and she doesn't know how to approach him and start a relationship with him. The only person consistently by his side is a childhood friend, Harry, and even their relationship is difficult with Adam always threatening Harry with death. All Harry ever does is laugh it off and go about his way. Persephone learns from observing Harry and Adam that she must be confident and show now weaknesses and he "might" let her into his life.

Slowly Adam and Persephone start to share a bond as they learn all the ins and outs of each other's personalities.

I love this story... It is sort of a prequel to Courting Miss Lancaster and I love how we get to see Harry and Adam's relationship. They are hilarious together because Harry is always pushing at Adams patience and Adam is constantly threatening him with throwing him out, duellings or death. I loved how Persephone saw past Adams disfigured ear and bad attitude and she saw the man underneath that no one else was willing to see.

I laughed out loud a lot reading this book. Overall this is just a fun, quick, clean read.

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  1. Sarah Eden's books are hilarious! She's becoming one of my favorite authors.