Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fate Fixed By: Bonnie Erina Wheeler

When Lexie Anderson’s mother suddenly announces she is marrying a Romanian immigrant, Lexie willingly leaves behind her busy life in Connecticut for her penance in “The Moose Capital of the World.” Small town living is strange enough, now Lexie must cope with her overbearing step-family monitoring her every move. They disappear into the woods at night and keep a strange secret locked in their shed. Her once calm mother is now having violent outbursts and Lexie’s little sister is hearing sinister sounds coming from the forest behind their new home. Lexie’s biggest surprise comes when she discovers the boy she has been dreaming about since her accident is living in Maine. Despite Torin’s questionable reputation, Lexie cannot resist the physical and emotional attraction pulsating between them. Animals and people in town are turning up dead and Lexie learns the strange new world she lives in has real life monsters. Just when she decides she wants to be with Torin forever, she must fight to protect her mother and sister from being harmed a formidable evil.

This is Bonnie's First Novel and I think that this was a great debut! Lexie's father died in an automobile accident about a year ago and she can't get over the torture that it was her fault.  Ever since the accident she has been having a reoccurring dream where she runs through the woods toward a boy and just when she gets to him, she dies.  The way she dies is always different but the way she feels as she runs toward the boy stays the same, she wants to get to him and she wants to stay with him. 

When Lexie's mom gets re-married she and her sister gain a new father and three brothers.  Plus she has been informed that they are moving into the middle of no where Maine without her best friend and confidant.  She keeps telling herself that she only has one year until she is eighteen and can move out and go to college.   Two of her new brothers are her age, Alik and Maxim.  That first week they are in their new home (also the week before school starts) she and Alik meet some of the local kids and are instantly friended.  They are even invited to a party to kick off the new school year.  At the party she is having fun and meeting a lot of people when she meets the boy in her dream... there is an instant connection and just as she is getting to know him better her brother Maxim comes to the party furious and making a scene.  Embarrassed she leaves with her brothers and is sure that no one will want to be around them now.  When school starts she is surprised that she still has friends and no body cares about the scene made earlier.  Torin, the guy she likes from her dreams, doesn't attend school with them but her new friend is dating his cousin so she finds ways of getting together with him. 

Strange things start happening around town... specifically peoples pets are disappearing.  The local government thinks that maybe a new predator has moved into the surrounding forests and are encouraging people to not go out.  Eventually a towns person is found dead and the story gets really interesting.

This story is told from multiple points of view..... mostly we get to hear from Lexie and Torin, but we do get a few chapters from a character named Wolf.  I really like seeing the multiple points of view.  Both of them have some major issues in their lives and it was nice to see what each person thought about what was going on.  Lexie is a girl that seemed to have a head on her shoulders.  She was still carrying a lot of guilt about the car accident that killed her father so she was more willing to put others lives and happiness before her own.  She was having a hard time with living in the house with her new brothers and some of the rules and way of living that were drastically changed when they moved to Maine but she didn't fight as much as a typical teenage girl would.    She was also very vulnerable and she really really wanted people to like her and she really wanted friends.  She was constantly wondering if the things that she or her brothers did would make the other kids not like her any longer.... I liked that she wasn't perfect and it made me feel for her more.

Torin had issues all his own.... he was going through some pretty big changes in his life and was worried about things that might happen in the future.  He was very selfless at the beginning, ready to step out of his families life if there was a way to make things easier for everyone..... then he met Lexie.  I am a complete romantic and so I loved that once he met her he realized that he could never leave her, no matter what.  I also liked that he was kind to everyone.  I don't mind a jerk for a hero every once in a while but I really REALLY like the nice guys.  He and his cousins had a great relationship and acted more like brothers and I think that family relationships like that a great to read. 

Alik and Maxim's family kept me guessing for most of the book.  I couldn't really decide who I liked or what I disliked.  I could see good things and bad things about everyone and it helped make excitement in the story a lot better. 

This was definitely a great read and I can't wait for her second book to come out.


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